First Alert

Proactively Resolving Problems – Fast

First Alert is our proprietary real-time error reporting and diagnostic system. When an error occurs, First Alert gracefully serves a user-friendly notice to provide alternatives to your website visitors.

At the same moment, it emails our technicians with a full technical report of the problem, including its exact location within the code. If the problem escalates, First Alert pages our technicians for top-priority attention. We don’t have to wait for you or your customers to tell us there’s a problem.

This is especially important in an e-commerce environment, where websites deal with fast and constant change. First Alert simply makes sure your website can keep up, and you can relax.

First Alert Demonstration

Priva has relied on First Alert for more than 8 years to help us keep mission-critical websites running smoothly.

To see how First Alert handles problems with your visitors, and gives us a head-start on repairs, see our First Alert Demo.

First Alert Demo
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    First Alert Overview

    With First Alert

    Receive a friendly notice that provides alternative actions.

    With First Alert

    First Alert emails our technicians with a full technical report of the problem.

    Standard Error

    Without First Alert, users receive an error message that leaves them confused, frustrated and without further options.

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    Your Website's Errors Without First Alert

    Don't leave your web users Lost and stranded

    These pages are filled with technical jargon that fails to help users understand what went wrong or navigate to their intended destinations. Standard error messages make a poor impression on your customers and lead to website abandonment.

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    Improve Your Visitors' User Experience

    First alert Error pages serve up useful info and direction

    When First Alert is installed on your servers, your visitors are presented with a visually aesthetic page that succinctly explains the error in plain speak, instead of an obscure page of jargon and error codes.

    In a standard error page your visitors reach a navigational dead-end. With First Alert, you have the option of providing clear outgoing links to alternate sections of the site – to your homepage, a sitemap or any other area of your choosing.

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    Real-Time Error Reporting and Diagnostics


    When a web server error occurs, what is your response time? With First Alert, a detailed email is dispatched immediately to the email accounts of your choosing for prompt remediation.

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