Priva Email Marketer

Priva Email Marketer is a flexible email application built specifically for use as a highly adaptable, integrated solution for your website and other business systems.

Mastering Deliverability

The concern in any email campaign is deliverability – the focus of Priva Email Marketer.

Capabilities include:

  • Custom mailing lists
  • Installation/editing of visual templates
  • Fully hosted, including graphics, for high speed viewing
  • Bounce management
  • White list management
  • Key metric reports including delivery, opens, click-throughs and bounce rates

If we can increase your deliverability by 25%, how much is that worth to you?

Fanatical Customer Service

Priva Email Marketer comes with service you can't get from other email solutions.

  • Personalized Priva service that takes work out of your hands
  • Fast response and problem resolution
  • Flexibility to meet your evolving needs

Private-Label Solutions

Like all our software solutions, Priva Email Marketer is available to Internet service providers for customization and private-label resale.