E-Commerce Solutions

Our services cover every aspect of website development, from strategic consulting to graphic design to programming to integration with your existing business systems.

Custom E-Commerce For Serious Businesses

Taking money over the Internet isn’t hard anymore. Components are available to do it for free. Why don’t you use them?

  • Because you're dealing with other people's credit cards – not just their money, but their identities – and you don't take that responsibility lightly.
  • Because there are regulations governing e-commerce that you can't afford to overlook.
  • Because cheap or free solutions don't come with wisdom, support, service and backup.
  • Because you don't take risks with your cash flow.

If you're serious about your customers and your revenue, you'll put a well-conceived, well-built and well-managed e-commerce system on your website.

PCI Regulatory Compliance

Is your current e-commerce site PCI compliant? For any site that accepts credit card payments, no matter how large or small, PCI (Payment Card Industry) Data Security Standards require compliance with quality standards in six categories:

  • Network Security
  • Data Protection
  • Vulnerability Management
  • Access Control
  • Monitoring and Testing
  • Information and Security Policy

Failure to comply can result in steep fines and the loss of credit card acceptance privileges. We understand the steps involved in PCI compliance and risk-management, and can steer you through the process.

For more information, see our PCI Compliance Services.

E-Commerce Scaled To Your Business

An e-commerce site that takes 10,000 orders a day isn't built the same as a low-volume system. We can provide:

Load-Balancing / Server Failover

Priva can design systems to run over multiple servers to optimize speed, eliminate downtime and handle sudden spikes in traffic.

Advanced Reporting

E-commerce systems generate a lot of valuable data. We can help you get that data into meaningful reports that drive your business, such as:

  • Customer reporting
  • Abandonment analysis
  • Advanced Google analytics
  • Coremetrics reports
  • Marketing campaign conversions

Integrating 3rd-party applications

Do you want to integrate QAS address verification software to improve the accuracy of your records? Is there another 3rd-party application you need? We specialize in system integration to maximize the value of your website to your business.

Knowledge, Experience and History

What makes Priva different is the experience gained from working under fire since 1997. We have the knowledge to build precisely the site your business requires. We have the tools and technology to do it without guessing, experimenting, or overloading the site with costly and unneeded features.

Always-on Service and Support

If we build it, we watch over it. We worry about whether it's working, so you don't have to. Our First Alert technology identifies problems and alerts us in real time, so we can often fix it before it comes to your attention.